Saying Goodbye to a Loved One

How to Plan for a Funeral

If you lose a loved one, you are left with a gap in your life and the immediate concern of laying your loved one to rest. When you are making the funeral arrangements to bid your loved one farewell, here are the fundamental steps that you should follow:

Choose a funeral director

A funeral director is like a builder—you give them a plan for the funeral, and they carry it out. Your first criteria when choosing a funeral director is the cost. Look at the services the funeral director offers and compare them with your needs. At this point, you can also decide on the date of the funeral and viewing of the body.

Choose a burial

If the deceased did not specify how they wanted to be laid to rest, you have to choose between a cremation, burial or aquamation for them. You should also consider the location of the grave or where to scatter the ashes. If you choose to bury the deceased, this is the time to select a coffin. On the other hand, a cremation for the departed will require an urn.

Plan the funeral ceremony

At this stage, the funeral director can assist you so that all you have to do is give instructions. The important aspects of the funeral service that you need to plan for include:

  • The minister or celebrant
  • Floral arrangements and decorations
  • Music, poetry and other presentations
  • Transport
  • Catering
  • Photography

Other considerations include the seating of the guests. A funeral director might handle most of these functions for you.

Inform friends and relatives

It is important to tell the family and friends of the death so that they can get a chance to say goodbye. However, the task of informing them might not be easy. If you are not able to do it, the funeral director can tell them for you.

Celebration of life

After giving the deceased a send-off, sometimes your family and friends might want to stay together over a meal and help each other through by catching up or sharing memories. You need to include this in your plans so that the day of the funeral flows smoothly.


After saying your goodbyes to your loved one, remember to show gratitude to those who stood with you by sending a thank-you message or calling them. If you are not able to do so and you want it done, ask your funeral director if they offer this service