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How to Keep Cemetery Fencing in Good Condition

In comparison to headstones, fencing and gates may seem like a minor part of a cemetery. However, fences serve important aesthetic and protective functions, complementing the site's architecture and creating a barrier between graves and the outer world. Of course, fencing loses some of its benefits when it becomes worn by time. If you want to ensure the fences and gates in your cemetery stay in good condition, here are 3 tips to follow.

Inspect Regularly

The best way to prevent fencing from getting worn beyond repair is to inspect it for signs of damage regularly. A few times a year, do a thorough check of all your fences and gates to look for problems. Keep an eye out for peeling paint and rust, loose fastenings and joints, cracks, and other breakage. Make sure you keep a log of the damage and where it is so you can get it fixed. Once you've conducted the repairs, don't forget to record the method and materials you used. This will help you achieve a consistent appearance when it comes to future repairs, and it will indicate which paints and sealants can stand the test of time.

Repaint Every Few Years

Alongside regularly repairing damaged spots, you should repaint all your fences and gates every few years. Loose paint and small amounts of rust can be removed with a wire-brush and scraper. If the paint needs to be removed completely, you may need to hire a contractor with experience using paint stripping chemicals safely. Once the old paint is gone, the fencing should be cleaned and any defects should be patched with filler or sealant before painting. Waterproof, oil-based gloss paint is generally the best choice for iron cemetery fences.

Don't Tackle Everything Yourself

While it's possible to remove rust, chip off paint and repair minor cracks and scuffs yourself, you shouldn't try to handle all your fencing problems yourself. If you want to keep the fences and gates in top condition for years to come, it's best to leave the difficult tasks to professionals. Alongside paint stripping, extensive repairs like broken or bent bars are best repaired by someone who has experience. They'll be able to fix the problems using techniques and methods that last for years to come.

If your fencing is in order but the rest of your cemetery looks worse for wear, it's a good idea to hire the services of a cemetery restoration company. They can help you repair and restore gravestones to their former glory.