Saying Goodbye to a Loved One

Collecting Memories: The Importance of a Funeral Guest Book

Funeral arranging involves a great number of tasks, ideally shared between family and friends of the deceased in conjunction with your chosen funeral director. There's one aspect of the funeral that shouldn't be overlooked, and this is the importance of a guest book. It allows those present to share memories of your loved one, culminating in a beautiful, compassionate book of memories that can be treasured in the years to come. Don't worry, setting up a funeral guest book is one of the most straightforward tasks of arranging a funeral.

A Standard Notebook

The funeral guest book can simply be a specially purchased notebook. It should contain enough pages so that all attendees have space to leave a message of sympathy and should be hardback so that it's strong enough to cope with all the handling it will receive on the day and also so that it will stand the test of time. In the years to come, you might want to flip through its pages to remember just how much the deceased was loved.

A Customised Guest Book

Alternatively, you could order a custom-made funeral guest book. This is designed for durability and is customised with the name of your loved one on its front cover, along with a photograph. Ask your funeral director if you need assistance since they might be able to make the arrangements on your behalf.

On the Day

Although the guest book doesn't require much in the way of supervision, it can be a great job for a younger family member who wishes to help out on the day. They can notify arrivals of the guest book and invite them to record a memory on its pages. They should also be given a few spare pens, just in case.

An Online Alternative

There should also be an online version of the guest book for those who are unable to attend the funeral. This could be a social media account specifically created for the purpose. If your loved one already had used social media accounts, some providers allow their account to be transitioned to an online memorial, making it clear that the person has passed away, creating an online space for friends and family to leave memories and messages of sympathy. Any online memorial should be activated prior to funeral invitations being sent out so people know where to leave their memories and reflections of your loved one if they're unable to attend. 

A funeral guest book is all about collecting happy memories of your loved one, and those in attendance (whether physically or virtually) will appreciate the chance to share their own memories. Reach out to a professional about this and other aspects of funeral arranging