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How to Plan and Execute a Cremation Service

There are various options to consider when planning an end-of-life ceremony. Cremation is a method of disposing dead bodies where the body is burnt to ashes. In this article, you will learn how to plan for a cremation service. Invitations.  Send invitations to close friends and family. The invites should contain the date and venue of the memorial service and the cremation date. If the person was a public figure, put an obituary in local dailies.

How to Ensure Your Funeral Plans Are Carried Out Perfectly

Planning your own funeral is an increasingly popular thing to do, and it's certainly sensible. For one thing, it gives you the power to decide what happens to your own body when you die, which can give you significant peace of mind while you live your life. On top of that, it can be a huge help to your family, relieving some of the burden that comes with planning and paying for a funeral.

How to Keep Cemetery Fencing in Good Condition

In comparison to headstones, fencing and gates may seem like a minor part of a cemetery. However, fences serve important aesthetic and protective functions, complementing the site's architecture and creating a barrier between graves and the outer world. Of course, fencing loses some of its benefits when it becomes worn by time. If you want to ensure the fences and gates in your cemetery stay in good condition, here are 3 tips to follow.

5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Cemetery Monuments

Finding the best cemetery monument is a crucial part of giving your loved one a decent send-off. Unfortunately, emotions may cloud your judgment making the process even more daunting. The following are some key factors to consider when choosing a cemetery monument. Cemetery regulations The first step is to understand the rules of your preferred cemetery so you can fashion your ideas to accommodate them. Most cemeteries issue strict guidelines on the shape, size, and colour of cemetery monuments.

Funeral planning services offered by funeral homes

While delivering funeral planning services, funeral homes extend practical and compassionate assistance to the families of a departed kin. They go beyond the bare essentials of business practise to lend counsel on the myriad uncertainties and questions that materialize after a person passes on. Besides guidance to the families, funeral homes avail other various services to the bereaved families. Place of burial The first and foremost concern with bereaved relatives is where to lay their beloved to rest.

How to Plan for a Funeral

If you lose a loved one, you are left with a gap in your life and the immediate concern of laying your loved one to rest. When you are making the funeral arrangements to bid your loved one farewell, here are the fundamental steps that you should follow: Choose a funeral director A funeral director is like a builder—you give them a plan for the funeral, and they carry it out.

What You Need to Know About Funeral Home Costs

Losing a loved one can be an emotionally wrenching experience. This pain can stop you from making the correct decisions regarding the preparations to send your dearly departed one to his or her final resting place. One of the key decisions that you may have to make regards the choice of a funeral home. The costs vary so much from one funeral home to the other. This article discusses the general categories into which those costs are divided.

Observing Etiquette at Orthodox Catholic Funerals

Death and funerals invoke different practices around the world, and to some extent, within religions. For those who observe Catholicism, death means passing from the present life into the afterlife, which makes the funeral incredibly symbolic. In order to understand how orthodoxy affects the funeral process, it's worth examining how Greek and Portuguese individuals approach such occasions. What happens immediately after the death? The time between death and a Greek Orthodox funeral should last between two to three days, but this sometimes extends to a week.

Five Rituals to Consider When Planning a Funeral for a Child

Losing a child can be devastating, but many people find the funeral rituals to be part of the healing process. If you are planning a funeral for your child or if you are helping a friend or relative plan a funeral for their child, there are several things you may want to consider. 1. Take Your Time Traditionally, funerals are held close to the time of death so that the body may be displayed.

What to do when someone dies

If you are bereaved, there are many things to attend to in handling the affairs of the deceased. From the moment a loved one passes on there are certain things you need to do. These are; Getting a death certificate In the first place, if the deceased died in a hospital or nursing home, a death certificate is written and their body is usually kept in the mortuary until you involve the services of a funeral director.